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  • What is X2CD Music CD Burner? What can X2CD help you to convert wav, wma, mp3 to cd, mp3 to wav, wma to wav, wma to mp3?
    X2CD is the ultimate tool for you to make your own music CD with almost all kinds of media files, including but not limited to the popular MP3 audio files, the MPEG 1/2 Video files, the Divx MPEG4 video files, the MS windows media files, the open sourced Ogg Vorbis format files etc. You can even grab music segments from your DVD discs to make your own movie music collection CDs in one step. X2CD can utilize directx/directshow to decode media files. Hence it's easy to extend to support new formats by just adding the appropriate decoder filters.
    X2CD also provides other functions for you to convert almost all kinds of media to wav files or mp3 files for further processing, including a CD grabbing function to grab the authentic music from your CD. X2CDsupports FreeDB to retrieve the CD information from the Internet for you. When writing music CD, normalizing is supported to make the volume of the tracks equal.
    To help you track your media files in a good manner, X2CD provides you a small CD collection database. You can save, load and print the CD collections that you've burned or selected. This database is also a good replacement of play list files, which helps you manage and play all your media files easily.
    Most of the CDR/CDRW hardware is supported, including common internal SCSI/IDE and external SCSI/IDE/USB etc. Hot plug-n-play of external devices such as USB CDRW is supported.
    The operation is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is to open or drag the media files into the media list box and press the button to go. You can also rearrange the order of the music tracks by simply drag and drop. For advanced users, you can also select a segment of the whole music file by double clicking the file list item and then selecting the start and stop points. This is extremely useful when you want to make a movie music collection CD but the movie files are much too long, such as the DVD .VOB files.

    MP3 CD Burner
    * Rip CDs and burn MP3s with the ultimate in ease.
    Audio CD Maker
    * Create high quality CD's from your MP3 files.
    MP3 CD Converter
    * Converts mp3 files directly to conventional audio CDs.
    AltoMP3 Maker
    * An excellent CD Ripper and MP3 Converter.
    Audio MP3 Maker
    * A powerful CD Ripper and WAV to MP3 converter.
    Easy CD Ripper
    * Copy CDs and saves as MP3, WMA, VQF, and WAV.
    DVD Ripper Copy Pro
    * Copy any DVD to CD using your CD-Writer!
    DVD To AVI
    * Copy DVD which rip and decode by dvd ripper and dvd decode.
    * Integrates DVD copy, decoder, ripper with MPEG encoder and crack DVD.
    Super DVD ripper
    * DVD to Divx AVI, DVD to MPEG1 MPEG2 files.
    Mp3 To All Converter
    * converts MP3 files to other type of audio file.
    MP3 To Waver Converter
    * convert your MP3s to WAVs or WAVs into MP3s.
    CD Label Maker
    * Create your own CD labels and jewel cases with the ultimate in ease.
    Visual MP3
    * Organize your MP3 files, edit your ID tags., and more function...
    MP3 Audio Mixer
    * Created the ultimate multi-track recorder, mixer, and editor all in one!
    Super MP3 Recorder
    * Record any sound to mp3 wma,wav,vqf,ogg format!
    Acoustica Power Pack
    * MP3 To Wave Converter PLUS, MP3 Audio Mixer and MP3 CD Burner in One.
    X2CD Muisc CD Burner
    * make your own music CDs with almost all kinds of media files, DVD to MP3.


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