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General Topics

Q. What's Visual MP3 Database?
A. Visual MP3 Database stores all the information of MP3s. It uses "flat" database technology and makes great improvements over previous systems in data storage efficiency and hard disk usage.

Q. What's the information needed for a new dialog box?
A. You must give the Title,Artist,Album and MP3 Filename. It's recommended to specify the MP3 Filename. The rest can be filled in automatically.

Q. How can mp3 songs be loop-played?
A. You can turn it on or off in Options dialog box.

Q. How can I delete the current record without confirming?
A. Put a check mark in the "Delete without being asked" checkbox before you delete it.

Q. Why does the Lyric Bar disappear?
A. It will be automatically hidden when the Lyric Bar is in an Active Bar state. You can show it by choosing Tools|Show.

Q. Why does it pop up Edit dialog instead of playing it when I double-click a record?
A. You can double-click the title bar of Playlist.

Q. How can I change the Playlist window to a mini bar?
A. Just double-click the title bar of it. Double-click it again can restore it.

Q. How to inform Visual MP3 when some file on the hard drive has been moved to a different directory?
A. You may choose Tools|MP3 Files Scan Wizard so as to bypass the already existed records and just add new ones.

Q. Can I use Visual MP3 to list mp3 files in CD systematically ?
A. Yes, you can. But some writing operations will be bypassed automatically.

Active Lyrics

Q. How can I show the lyrics of songs?
A. After you get an ALC lyrics file, you have two ways to make Visual MP3's lyrics playing engine run.
1: Write the ALC file into mp3 files and Visual MP3 can then recongnize the edited mp3 files automatically. It will not make the mp3 files unplayable by other mp3 players.
2: You can specify the ALC file for MP3 record. You just need to select the to-be-specified mp3 record. Click the Edit button on the toolbar and choose the ALC file in the popup dialog box.

Q. How can I get ALC lyrics?
A. You can use our suppiled tool Active Lyric Seeker to seek it online and download it. Alternatively you can use Active Lyric Maker to create or edit lyrics.

Q. Must I log on every time I want to use Active Lyric Maker?
A. No. You just need to log on for the 1st time, and your information will be recorded automatically.

Q. What will be uploaded when I release my lyrics?
A. Your user information besides ALC file.

Q. Why can't I register? Why can't I release my lyrics?
A. Please make sure you are well connected to the Internet.

Q. I'm the author of the previous version(s) of Active Lyric,why can't I use my previous account to log on?
A. Some accounts include illegal characters and we have given them new account by email, respectively.There may be some failed-sent emails because the informing emails were sent out automatically .Please check your mail box. If you haven't received our email, please send your previouse account information including username , password and email address.


Q. What is the difference between ID3 V1 Tag and ID3 V2 Tag?
A. ID3 V1 Tag is the 128-byte ending information of mp3 file which includes Title,Artist,Album,Comment,Genre,Year and Track Number while ID3 V2 Tag is the head of mp3 file which can contain more information.

Q. Why can't Visual ID3 clear out some files' ID3 V2 Tags?
A. It is because these files aren't according to the industry standard for they may have been edited by some outdated softwares. More and more softwares are according to the ID3 V2 industry standard now.

Q. I expected the software to automatically pick up all the id info eg album name, track title etc etc, but it doesn't seem to do this. What shoudl I do? Am Iright to expect this or do Ihave to type the title of each track etc.
A. Visual MP3 has a lot of ways to get ID3 v1/v2 tags automatically.(Such as MP3 Files Scan Wizard and New/Edit Dialog) But some MP3 files do not have both ID3 v1 and ID3 v2 tags, or they do not use an industry standard of ID3 tag.

Visual Ripper

Q. Why can't Visual Ripper rip any track?
A. Please try the following steps:
1.Try resetting all values to their defaults in the Options dialong.
2.Try changing jitter correction values in the Options dialong.
3.Ttry using the "Autodetect" read algorithm in the Options dialong.

Q. It seems to rip very slowly, why?
A. Try checking the "On Error" jitter correction in the "Options" page. This mode is faster than the "Always" setting, and should produce results comparable to "Always".

Q. We downloaded and purchased your Visual MP3 product. When we rip, all the files have the name TRACK nn, and we can't figure out how to have the ripper put the song name (or even the artist name) on the file instead of this generic name.
A. If you want to put artist or album name for the musics you ripped, you can select or input album and artist value in ID3 information frame of main window. To put titles of each MP3s, you can select one track and then input the title name in ID3 information frame. You can also put Gener or Year tag in this way. After you input these values, you should press "->" button.

Q. Is ID3 information not available on the CD so you can just copy it during ripping?
A. No. The cd tracks only contain sound information. You can put ID3 tag before rip tracks.

Q. Why does the album field only allow about 12 characters?
A. Visual Ripper will put ID3 v1 Tags to MP3 files when ripping. The ID3 v1 Tag has the length limit of 128 characters. If you want to use unlimited ID3 Tag, please using ID3 v2 Tag editor.(In Visual MP3's Tools menu)

Q. When I put Title name it, when ripping starts, it overwrites what I put in with "TRACK NN" what am I doing wrong?
A. Please press "->" button after named one track. You can also double click one track to input title name in the main list directly.

License Key

Q. My license key doesn't work. Help!
A. Please note that you have to enter the license name and key exactly as given in your license message, with the same spacing and case. Do you have a correct version of license key for the Visual MP3 you are trying to unlock? Please note that each version of Visual MP3 3 needs a different key

Q. If I pay for the program now, how long will it take before I receive my license key?
A. This depends on the payment method you use. If you order online with your credit card, you will have your key after you submit the order from and an email with unlock code will be sent to you within a few minutes. Click here to purchase.

Q. I have not received a license key. Why?
A. Please make sure you have submit your order. For other cases, please feel free to contact us.

Q. May I use other order options besides online order?
A. Yes, you have the options of Order by Phone, Order by FAX or Postal Mail and Purchase Order.

Q. I have purchased a license for a previous version of Visual MP3. Do I have to pay again for the new version?
A. No, you don't have to. ALL updates AND upgrades are free.We will inform you if new version released.

Q. I have purchased a license for a previous version of Visual MP3, but I do not got the notify email about new version..
A. We send the notify information automatically. If you do not receive the email, please tell us your order information ( include your name and license key), we will send it to you separately.

Q. I lost my license key. Can you resend it to me?
A. Yes,please send us your name and address/email information and we will resend your license key.



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