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General Topics

Q: What is Dvd-to-mpeg ?
A: With extremely high quality , "Dvd to mpeg" is an easy to use tool to convert a DVD movie to a mpeg file! Use the least time and cpu but get the perfect sound and image ! Same with the Source DVD . which integrates DVD copy , DVD decoder , DVD ripper with mpeg encoder and crack dvd .A powerful and high-efficient software to copy and compress DVD to mpeg format . Easy to use !

Q: How much should I pay for Dvd-to-mpeg?
A: Only $24.95 ! Click here to order.

Q: What is the installation requirements?
A: The "DVD to mpeg" requires the following minimum configuration to run:

  • Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
  • Pentium-II 450 MHz or faster processor
  • At least 64 MB of RAM
  • 3 GB free hard drive space
    (NOTE: Additional hard drive space will be required for downloaded movies)

    Q: How to install Dvd-to-mpeg?
    A: To install the "Dvd to mpeg" , you should follow the following simple steps:
    1. Download the install files (setupdtd.exe) to a location on your hard drive (e.g., C:\temp).
    2. Run the installer program by double clicking on the setupdtd.exe icon.
    3. Follow the instructions of the installer program to install the "dvd to mpeg" software.
    4. Done! The software should be installed in your Systems directory.

    Q: What is the procedure of registeration?
    A: Upon receipt of your registration fee with your serial number you will receive a register code by e-mail which will correspond to your serial number given in the ordering procedure. After get your register code you should use the register function to register DVD-TO-mpeg.

    Q: Should I pay for upgrading?
    A: Upgrading is absolutely free for registered user!

    Q: Should I pay by credit card?
    A: Paying by credit card is the fastest way to get your register code.

    Q: Does the trial of version Dvd-to-mpeg has any limitation?
    A: Yes,Trial version only convert part of the movie,not the whole movie.

    Q: How to copy and compress a DVD with Dvd-to-mpeg?
    A: 1. Click the ¡°source¡± button to choose the DVD you want to copy and compress.
    2. Click the ¡°target¡± button to choose the location where to save the file you have copied and compressed and name it . The default extension of file is .mpg.
    3. Click the ¡°option¡± button to bring up the conditions setting dialog . There are several items to set , such as Speed (usually choose¡°normal¡±) ; Caption (same as subtitle) ; Screen (usually choose ¡°full¡±) ; you can choose mpeg-1 or mpeg-2) ; Audio(choose the dub you like); and Pieces (usually choose N/A).
    4. Click ¡°begin¡± button to copy and compress DVD .Then the ¡°begin¡± button change into ¡°stop¡± button , which means you can click the ¡°stop¡± button any time before the copy and compression finished to stop it . When Dvd-To-mpeg is running the ¡°source¡± and ¡°target¡± button grey out.

    Q: How to upgrade?
    A: Just uninstall the older version of DVD-to-mpeg,then install the new version to the old location.

    Q: Does Dvd-To-mpeg work on Macintosh?
    A: DVD-TO-mpeg doesn't work on Mac.But it might work on some Windows emualtors on Mac OS.

    Q: How to uninstall Dvd-to-mpeg?
    A: To remove the DVD-to-mpeg software from your system, you should use the "Add/Remove Programs" control panel in Windows.

    Q: Why I get some "Only ?? MB left on HD,needs ?? MB!" error message?
    A: DVD-to-mpeg needs your hard disk to save some temporary files. You can change the system TMP,TEMP variable to a directory on a larger D:\TMP
    In Windows 9X/ME,append 2 lines to c:\autoexec.bat:
    In Windows NT/2000/XP,use control panel->system->Advance tab,click Environment Variables, edit TMP and TEMP system variable, change them to D:\TMP.



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