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General Topics

Q: Do I need a special CD-recorder to burn audio cds with your software?
A: Yes, you need a CDRW drive or CD recorder before you can use our software. (It needs a special laser found in the CD recorder drives.)

Q: MP3 CD Burner does not recognize my CD recorder!
A: There could be several things going on here. First, your CD-recorder may not be supported by our software. Second, the ASPI layer on your system may not be functioning properly for MP3 CD Burner to recognize it. C Third, if you are running WinNT or Win2000, make sure to be logged in as an Administrator!

Q: I have a LG Electronics GCE-8400B CD Recorder and it seems to sit in "Finalizing Mode" forever!
A: This is a known problem with 2.07 or greater. The good news is that CD is actually finalized and will work, however you have to abort the burn process after a minute of finalizing. You may have to restart the computer to open the CD-recorder. A fix should be available soon!
Q: MP3 CD Burner seems real slow and the software will crash after being on for awhile!
A: There is a known memory leak in the Acoustica ASPI which is supplied by NexiTech. If you are having this problem, we recommend you download and install the latest NexiTech drivers. You will run a program called "aspikit.exe". Make sure that you have the ASPI layer set to "Use Acoustica ASPI" in the Prefererences. See the ASPI FAQ for more help! Also make sure you have the latest version!

Q: I am having a crash/illegal operation during an import.
A: We are currently working with several customers trying to determine if we have a bug in our software. In some cases, it appears the hard drive FAT table has been corrupted, in which case we recommend that you try a "Scan Disk" or "Disk Cleanup". Make sure to set it to repair errors. Normally you can find these utilities by clicking the Window's Start button, followed by "Programs", followed by "Accessories", followed by "System Tools", followed by "Scan Disk" or "Disk Cleanup" depending on your version of Windows.

Q: How do I copy a music CD exactly?
A: Acoustica MP3 CD Burner is designed to rip or import select MP3 tracks and burn custom music CDs. However, you can copy music CDs by loading a music CD in a CD drive, clicking the "Rip Tracks" button (or Ctrl+R) and then clicking Ctrl+B to burn the CD. The main problem that might result is that if the source CD is a mix CD or continuous CD where the tracks fade into each other, it will lose that effect when going to the next CD, although if you have it set to fade tracks with a short fade via the "Fader" it will sound close.

Q: I cannot see a CD tab to rip from!
A: This is most likely because you do not have an ASPI layer properly installed. Rerun the installer and make sure to select an ASPI layer. If there is more than one ASPI layer, try them one at a time.

Q: How can I stop the software from dialing up the Internet automatically?
A: When an unknown CD is put a CD drive, Acoustica MP3 CD Burner attempts to look it up on FREEDB.ORG to get the track information. To disable this, click the Preference item from File menu, then select "Remote Database" and uncheck the "Automatically get album info" (If you would like to lookup the CD info, simply click the "Look Up" button on the CD tab.

Q:Skips and pops are in my ripped tracks!
A:Older CD drives (readers) do not have the ability to seek properly to a position on a CD and, thus, if they get out of sync, it will produce a pop in the audio. Here are some things to try.

  • Make sure the CD is clean and does not have scratches on it. (It may be permanently damaged and there may be no way to avoid the pop.)
  • ** Disc cleaning systems such as Digital Innovations "Data Doctor" clean up scratches/errors surprisingly well! You may also try cleaning your CD lenses!
  • Try turning the "Jitter" setting to "ON" in the Preferences on the "Ripping Tracks" section. (Ripping may be more accurate, but slower.
  • Try ripping the CD on another CD drive if you have more than one.
  • Shut down other programs, including screensavers and virus checkers to free up your computer¡¯s resources.
  • Try ripping to WAV format, instead of MP3. (This requires less computer power.)
  • Change your ASPI layer. If you are using Acoustica, try un-checking it to use the default Window¡¯s ASPI layer.
  • Try purchasing and installing a new CD Drive. (Writers and readers are pretty inexpensive these days.)

    Q:Burning a CD does not finish. What can I do?
    A:One of the most common problems is that the computer can't keep up with the CD recorder. The CD-recorder needs a constant stream of data from the computer. If it is interrupted too long, the burn will fail! Try lowering your recording speed . Make sure to not use any other programs at the same time. Disable your task tray/virus programs! De-fragment your hard drive. Always do a test! You may need to disable Auto Insert Notification (AIN). More help with CD burning failures...

    Q:Recorded CD does not play reliably or at all in a normal CD player!
    A:Make sure you are using a blank CD-R disc. (It is a common mistake to use a blank CD-RW disc.) More help with CD playback problems...

    Q:How many songs can I put on an audio CD?
    A:You are limited to 74 minutes of audio per recorded audio CD. If you have an 80 minute blank CD-R, you can record up to 80 minutes if your CD recorder drive supports it.
    To burn an 80 minute CD with MP3 CD Burner, make sure that your CD-recorder supports 80 minute audio CDs. Not all CD-recorders support 80 minute CDRs! If you are not sure, consult your CD-recorder¡¯s documentation or visit the manufacturer¡¯s website for help. Select ¡°Destination CD Format & Length¡± from the ¡°CD Session¡± menu. Click on the ¡°80 minute audio CD¡± option. IMPORTANT: You must put an 80 minute CDR in the drive. Some CD-recorders only record up to 78 minutes 30 seconds. When you find out how much audio your recorder supports, make sure to not go over the limit or your burn may fail and you may end up with an unusable CD.

    Q:How do I remove '' from the CD-TEXT title of a burnt disc?
    A:It can't be removed from a previously burnt disc. But here's how you can set the title. The title is derived from what you save your MP3 CD Burner session as. So before you burn, save the CD session by selecting "Save" from the "File" menu. If you save it as "my" it will then use "my tunes" as the title of your CD. (If the session is not saved, it sets the title to '' . This will be changed in a future version. )

    Q:My mix CD does not fade between tracks!
    A:If you've created a mix CD where the tracks fade into each other but its not playing correctly, make sure you don't have the shuffle feature turned on on your audio CD player!

    Q:How do I get songs from my existing audio cds?
    A:This feature will be in the upcoming version 2.0. For now, you can find 'ripping' software here .


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