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General Topics

Q: How do I create a new CD?
A: When the program first loads, you will be presented with the Select Option dialog. Simply select the type of CD you wish to create from this screen. Alternatively, you can use the New toolbar button or choose the New CD Layout option on the File Menu.
Once you have begun a new layout, you can then add audio files to your layout in order to record them to CD. Use the Add Audio Files toolbar button to browse your hard drive and find the files you wish to add to the layout.
Once you have added the files you wish to record to CD, simply select the Record CD toolbar button to begin the recording session.
More details and help with creating a new layout and adding audio files can be found by choosing the Help/Contents option within the program.

Q: I never need to save or use a created layout again, yet everytime I choose to close the program and I have a layout open, Audio CD Maker asks me if I want to save the layout. Can I make it stop doing this?
A: Yes. Choose the Default Options option on the Tools Menu. You will see this option there that you can set to not ask you any longer.

Q: When I choose to erase a CDRW disc, when doing a Full Erase operation, the system seems to stop dead. Is the program stopped?
A: No. This can happen with some drives and some media discs. Even if the operation appears stopped, the drive light should still be on and the erase operation is still happening. On many drives, it takes as long as 15 minutes to do a Full Erase operation. Simply wait for the operation to complete. You can also try disabling the Auto Insert Notification for the drive to see if this helps the system respond better.

Q: When Audio CD Maker loads, it says that it cannot find any CDR drives on my system. I have a drive installed, why is this?
A: Audio CD Maker uses ASPI drivers on your system (not on Windows NT/2000/XP) to see recording drives properly and use them. This means that either your ASPI drivers could not be loaded properly or do not exist. Contact your drive manufacturer concerning ASPI drivers.

You can also download a new ASPI layer (v4.70) from Adaptec. This ASPI layer is only for WIN 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP. If you are having problems with Audio CD Maker not seeing your drive on Windows 98 or Windows ME, then try this download and install. Note: This ASPI layer does not support Windows 95. Download Now.

Q: I keep getting writing errors or the program simply will not continue writing after it has written the first track to the CD. How come?
A: Check to see if your drive is Burn-Proof capable by selecting the Select Drive option on the Tools Menu. If it is not, when you choose to record your CD, ensure that the Caching option is ON under the Session tab when you are presented with the recording options. Some drives need caching enabled in order for the record process to proceed properly. You can also use the Select Drive option on the Tools Menu to set your drive speed as well. This can help on slower systems by adjusting the drive speed to a slower speed.

Q: I created a standard Audio CD layout and recorded the CD. Now when I insert the created CD into my CD player, it does not see the disc. Why is this?
A: Many regular CD players do not recognize CDRW media discs. When creating a standard Audio CD, please use only CDR media discs.

Q: Whenever I create a standard Audio CD, when I play the CD in my CD player, the songs all sound too fast. Why is this?
A: This can happen with improperly encoded or corrupt MP3 files. It can also happen if the MP3 file is not a standard 44Khz MP3 file. Ensure that your MP3 files playback as you expect before adding them to your layout and that they are standard 44Khz MP3 files. If there are pops or hisses within the MP3 file or other problems, these problems will still exist when the MP3 file is converted on the fly to standard audio format.

Q: Whenever I create an MP3 style CD, when I play the CD back in my MP3 player, the songs sound distorted and some songs have sound drop outs. Why is this?
A: MP3 style CD's created using MP3 files that are encoded with LAME technology and are NOT Joint Stereo, can cause playback issues on some MP3/DVD players. These issues may be either distortion or sound drop outs. You should ensure that your MP3 files for an MP3 style CD are all Joint Stereo for best performance.

Q: I used the Close Session & Leave Disc Open option when creating my MP3 style CD. I then added more files to the CD and chose the Close Disc option. I can see all of the files on the CD on my computer, but my MP3 player only sees the files from the last session. Why is this?
A: Some MP3 players only see the last session of a multi-session data CD created this way. Unfortunately, if your MP3 player cannot see all of the sessions properly, then you should create your MP3 style CD's in one session and choose the Close Disc option when creating your CD.

Q: I created an MP3 style CD to play in my MP3 player. When I view the contents of the CD on my computer, the MP3 files are not listed in the order I burned them to CD. Why is this?
A: When viewing the contents of any CD on your computer using Windows Explorer, by default, Explorer will list the contents in alphabetical order. The MP3 files are indeed recorded to CD in the order they were listed in your layout and should be played back in that order when the disc is played in your MP3 player.


Main Features
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Free Download
AltoMP3 Maker
* An excellent CD Ripper and MP3 Converter.
Audio MP3 Maker
* A powerful CD Ripper and WAV to MP3 converter.
Easy CD Ripper
* Copy CDs and saves as MP3, WMA, VQF, and WAV.
DVD Ripper Copy Pro
* Copy any DVD to CD using your CD-Writer!
* Copy DVD which rip and decode by dvd ripper and dvd decode.
* Integrates DVD copy, decoder, ripper with MPEG encoder and crack DVD.
Super DVD ripper
* DVD to Divx AVI, DVD to MPEG1 MPEG2 files.
Mp3 To All Converter
* converts MP3 files to other type of audio file.
MP3 To Waver Converter
* convert your MP3s to WAVs or WAVs into MP3s.
CD Label Maker
* Create your own CD labels and jewel cases with the ultimate in ease.
Visual MP3
* Organize your MP3 files, edit your ID tags., and more function...
MP3 Audio Mixer
* Created the ultimate multi-track recorder, mixer, and editor all in one!
Super MP3 Recorder
* Record any sound to mp3 wma,wav,vqf,ogg format!
Acoustica Power Pack
* MP3 To Wave Converter PLUS, MP3 Audio Mixer and MP3 CD Burner in One.
X2CD Muisc CD Burner
* make your own music CDs with almost all kinds of media files, DVD to MP3.


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